Translation from Indonesian to English

Line dictionary translation from English to Indonesian

We know that the Line Dictionary is one of the best to translate phrases or expressions from English into Indonesian.

The Line Dictionary has been in the bilingual translation work English-Indonesian Dictionary. The Naver team has entrusted the translation project of tens of thousands of prayers to an extensive group of people in Indonesian universities. The English-Indonesian dictionary covers phrases with different degrees of difficulty and length.

A team of translators have accepted the great challenge to translate everyday phrases that have been reviewed by two editors. This system of work and translation improves the real translation in both languages. The translations of English-Indonesian are of high quality and guarantee that the app is ready to be released to the public and for all Line users.

Why choose the Indonesian – English Line Dictionary?

One of the improvements of this dictionary is the use of translation of everyday expressions. Translation has been improved in both languages, for Indonesian – English and English – Indonesian. The meaning of phrases or expressions is guaranteed because not only are words translated individually, but the translation of complete sentences avoids an erroneous or distorted understanding. An informal expression or everyday phrases are translated by their meaning and not word by word. This type of translation guarantees better communication in common conversations.

Learn Indonesian and English with the free online dictionary

To all these advantages we must add that Line’s dictionary translates several meanings word by word. It adds a very useful function such as the pronunciation of audio translations of real texts and simplified phonological transcription. Another very useful function is the pop-up dictionary function that allows you to translate words from a text or entry showing the translation in a box below the main screen. To perfect and practice speech you can listen to sentences or listen to the full text.

All users can access from Line to participate from their registered account and contribute to better translations or rate the translations with a “Like” or evaluate with “excellent”, “good”, “mediocre”, “bad” and “absolutely without meaning “the existing translations. The system invites users to participate to improve translators.

Line has many other useful applications that complement the chat app.